Come out of using cheap plastic containers, pouches to put your jewelry items. Give your jewelry a permanent home with MESMERRY’ Jewelry Box .

We at MESMERRY furnish Stylish, luxurious and roomy jewelry boxes. These Jewelry boxes are designed specially to impress your clients or used to be sold in department stores or for home use.

We create enchanting jewelry boxes covered with leather, fine Thai silk, suede and linen fabrics. Our creations can be manufactured with gold foil or silver foil stamp, blind embossed logos and embroideries.

We also furnish unique featured hand crafted and vintage wooden jewelry boxes  with lots of space for necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches or anything else that might need a

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Our customized invitation unique jewelry boxes make a beautiful keepsake for bride, bridegroom, baby shower and other festive events.

We are in real and wholesale with worldwide export of our jewelry boxes.

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