About Us

About Us !

With the assistance of the people interested in history of art and design innovation and packaging, mesmerry creations set foot, in the field of designing and creation of multiple categories of designer boxes in, january2017 keeping in mind a thought that one should give one’s product or gift a beautiful home.

we are not merely an organization but a brand communicator for assisting the clients in acheiving optimal designer and customized boxes.

WE at MESMERRY CREATIONS are pleased to introduce ourselves as manufacturers and distributors of all types of Corporate Gifting Packaging Items and boxes FOR MULTIPLE CATEGORIES maintaining the design and brand at high stake.

We thank you for your continued interest & unstinted support to our products. We are happy to present to you the newest collection 2019- 20 of Premium Designer Gift Boxes/product boxes in various designs and shapes.

YOU are aware that our gift boxes have always made a positive impact on your gifting and in furtherance too your objective of providing you with better options in your business need and adding more value to the gift, we have come out with an exotically new collection with latest designs.

OUR COMMITED teams of efficient and skilled professionals with vast expertise in the field of gift items packaging boxes help us in offering the best range of products to our customers.

We are sure the following pages shall  l take you to an exciting journey of gift packaging options & solutions ,& that you shall find the perfect packaging that would convey what you always thought, your gift/product would do. To know more about how you can get your own fabulous wedding invitations, please write to us at infomesmerry.com or WhatsApp at +919643454998